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live with kelly and michael

Yep. You read that right.

One of our illustrious Zumba instructors, the amazing, talented, and charismatic Jae, who happened to be in NYC celebrating an important birthday milestone (I’m pretty sure she was turning 29,) was chosen to be the Trivia dancer on Live! With Kelly and Michael on October 24.

In all honesty, I never get to watch morning shows, so I was unaware of the fact that Regis had retired, or that he had been replaced by Michael, or that “Trivia dancer” was a thing, but I am beyond excited that one of my favorite Zumba teachers and a generally pretty top-notch kind of individual got the opportunity to show the world what she can do. This is what it’s like to touch greatness, people!

Have a look for yourself! ( Jae appears several times between 16:00 and 20:25):

How cool is that?

Jae commented about her unexpected, (but well deserved) success: “You off-handedly mention being in the studio audience in a lecture on Wednesday and then on Friday morning, you’re making a dork of yourself in a yellow smiley face shirt for all the world to see.”

I think by “dork,” what she really meant was STAR!

After all, Michael does astutely remark, “You are a party starter, girl…I love it, I love it!” Can’t argue with that.

So, what does this mean for the rest of us regular folk who love her classes so much? Not to cause any undue panic, but this could be the beginning of the end for us! Soon, recruiters and reporters will be calling her up. They will want to schedule endless auditions and interviews, more tv appearances. One day, a sub will show up on Thursday morning and we won’t think much of it, but then on Sunday and the next week, too… Jae will be overbooked, brunching with Beto himself because he will want to sponsor the launch of her own Zumba line of apparel and to make her the spokesperson for an exciting new branch of the Zumba fitness enterprise.

That’s what I assume anyway. Not to worry, though! I know she’ll always find time to stop in occasionally and dance with us for old time’s sake. Jae is not the type to forget the people who knew her when. And naturally, we will all be invited to be in the studio audience of her first Zumba workout video.

We can’t keep her all to ourselves forever, now can we?